The nation is in a state of civil war: a secret group of rebels are growing fast in numbers and are determined to overthrow the government and start a revolution. Police forces are tasked to go undercover and identify the rebel leaders, before they have time to gather too many followers in the population.


Rebels Unite!™ is a party game for 8 to 20+ players, in which you play as a policeman, a rebel leader, or a civilian. Police officers have to arrest the rebel leaders, civilians try to help them in their task, unless they are turned into rebels themselves by a rebel leader. Rebel leaders have to turn as many civilians into rebels as possible without getting caught, and with their help overthrow the corrupt government and start a rebellion!


Rebels Unite! is a game of deception and hidden information. At the beginning of the game each player is given an identity that is unknown to everyone else. Players will try to convince each other that they are staying true to the government, but in the meantime a rebellion is growing behind the scenes. During the game, players will be able to find out and guess each other’s identities, so it will be harder and harder to get away with lying and playing both sides of the conflict.


To learn how to play Rebels Unite!™, watch the Rebels Unite!™ tutorial below.


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