TokArts® Ltd. originated from Adastral Park, internationally recognized as one of the world's leading centers of technical innovation. TokArts® has been operating since 1997 and over those years the company has provided its professional services to the world's leading telecom operators, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and corporate enterprises. TokArts® uses its know-how, intellectual property, world class expert knowledge, experience and skills to design and deliver into production cutting edge industrial competitive on-line gaming products and their improvements based on the optimal system development life-cycle methodology, integrated business process automation, most innovative industry-leading and proven Information and Communications Technology solutions.

The modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is changing the world faster than ever before, and the new global economy imposes unprecedented challenges in setting up and managing complex international business relationships while delivering on-line gaming projects at a global scale. Our consultants are specialized in business and technology matters at the same time, possess multicultural and multilingual skills and many years of experience in project delivery involving numerous international parties operating under different jurisdictions worldwide.

While delivering its projects, TokArts® ensures the complete synergy among the many business, legal, art and technology aspects throughout the project delivery life-cycle.

The broad and detailed knowledge of the business, legal, art and technical worlds allows TokArts® to achieve outstanding results by dramatically reducing the business risks, preventing the project delays, cost overruns and thus meeting our and our partners' projects' delivery targets. By bridging the gap between the business and the technology we provide to our partners the knowledge and the skills necessary to avoid the pitfalls that otherwise cause delays and often derailment of their projects.


TokArts® specialist professional services allow our customers to fully align the business, legal, art and technology aspects of their on-line gaming projects and to ensure the successful and efficient on-line gaming products delivery:

  • Corporate international structure definition and set-up, enterprise modernization, reorganization, expansion, acquisition and merger
  • Full corporate business processes life-cycle definition, optimization and improvement
  • End-to-end business-oriented functional product analysis, design, delivery and optimization
  • Applications, systems and network Infrastructure analysis, design, delivery, optimization and management
  • Innovation life-cycle processes and methodology definition and deployment
  • New  products definition, development, launch and support
  • New options of the existing products definition and launch into production

Business Goals:

TokArts® enables our customers to reach and exceed the following main business objectives in the shortest time-frame possible, with a maximal economic efficiency:

  • Creation of the efficient industrial on-line gaming products using the most suitable standard-based advanced IT and telecom technology solutions for every particular case
  • Implementation of the optimal, automated business processes of marketing, sales, billing, product operations, proactive support and maintenance with the guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) levels
    • Efficient product delivery to all customers (delivery KPI, SLA)
      • Ability to satisfy any product sales and delivery volumes with the strict control over the product delivery costs and quality, hence increasing the revenue
    • Assured product quality at all times and at an optimal cost (support KPI, SLA)
      • Stable customer satisfaction as a competitive advantage
  • Quick adaptability to the future changes for launch of the new products in line with the changing market conditions, technology and the infrastructure solutions' changes.

TokArts® Expertise:

The key areas of expertise and know-how TokArts® provides to its customers to enable them to reach the business goals listed above:

  • Optimal international corporate structure setup
  • Intellectual property rights enforcement and protection
  • Negotiation and drafting of local and international agreements in US, UK, EU, Chinese, Russian and other jurisdictions worldwide under Continental (Civil) and Anglo-American legal systems in all areas concerning the on-line gaming industry, such as:
    • Outsourced infrastructure services
    • Support agreements
    • Product licensing agreements
    • Intellectual Property (IP) transfer, alienation and licensing agreements concerning full IT and digital art IP objects lifecycle
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Outsourced IT, software and digital art development agreements
    • Outsourced digital art and digital media creation agreements
    • Service/product distribution agreements
    • Service/product marketing agreements
    • Movable and immovable property related agreements
    • Terms of use
    • Privacy policies
    • Terms of services
  • Trademarks and patents applications for US, UK, EU, China, Russia and other countries worldwide
  • Corporate IP ownership and confidential information protection processes and policies development and enforcement throughout all the internal and external corporate relationships
  • IP protection and law enforcement processes and policies against the Internet threats
  • IP protection preventive measures and IP rights enforcement
  • Corporate business processes development and implementation adopting business process automation techniques and IT tools for:
    • Workflow automation
    • IP objects as non-material asset management
    • Contract drafting and contract management
  • Processes’ and systems’ design, development, implementation and optimization in the following areas:
    • Operations support systems (OSS/BSS)
    • Service fulfillment, service assurance and billing processes
    • CRM
    • ERP
    • Data modelling
    • Product software development
    • Product system solution design and deployment
  • Network and IT infrastructure design, optimization, implementation and management in the following areas:
    • Distributed network infrastructure
    • Cloud computing data centers
    • Network operation centers and call centers, contact centers, service centers and help desks
  • Enterprise processes and infrastructure modelling
    • Statistical estimation
    • Resource utilization control
    • Service level, KPI and QoS management


Some of the key industry leading methodologies and frameworks we adopt in our projects are:

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Service Engineering (ESE), enterprise architecture, SOA, data architecture and modelling, Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), object-oriented analysis, waterfall, agile, RUP®, Unified Modelling Language (UML®), IDEF0, Zachman®, BPMN®, ITIL®, TOGAF®, TMN, Telemanagement Forum® eTOM®, NGOSS®, TMA®, SID®.


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